The beginning of every successful boat lies with the initial design and the design process as a whole, trying to balance the customers 'WANT' and the engineers 'CAN' as a best compromise. Black Mambas have been methodically designed to include as many WANTS as possible. This can be achieved only when enough time and effort have been invested in some of the worlds most talented people in designing every aspect of the Black Mamba RIB.

Systematic design process has been carried out in the hydrodynamic, ergonomy & styling and structural design aspects of the Black Mamba RIB development to maintain the highest standard in performance and looks.

Black Mamba posses design features and capabilities of much larger boats combining ergonomics, style, luxury, and performance in a unique and outstanding way justifying its existence and putting it further apart of competition.

Black Mamba Black Mamba
Black Mamba Black Mamba
Black Mamba Black Mamba


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November 29. 2020 14:17:30