Hydrodynamic Design

The hullform has been designed to operate in different profiles and therefore the operator can decide how they want their Black Mamba to perform.

A Deep-V hullform has been used, pioneered by MEKY and Dr. A. Mantouvalos, to provide dry, stable, and economic ride characteristics. A double step planing hull has been utilised to minimise, at high speed, the contact with water and therefore minimise the resistance, allowing the Black Mamba to operate at extreme speeds based on outboard motor selection.

For the design of the hullform many alternative numerical methods have been utilised, some analytical (i.e. Computational Fluid Dynamics), some empirical (i.e. Savitsky, and a modified Savitsky method that includes the effect of transverse steps). The hullform has been tested in races were it achieved the 2nd overall position in its category for year 2009 in the Greek RIB Championship. Below an image of the CFD post-processing environment has been presented to show the reader the level of accuracy and mathematical modelling taken place before fabrication.

Hydrodynamic Design


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